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Our library gives you access to over 300 microfilms and thousands of historical records and newspapers online.

Below you will find some tips to help you get started with your own family history!

Genealogy Tips

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Birth Records

Need to find where one of your ancestors was born?
You could use:

  • Index to Parke County Vital Records
  • Parke County Histories
  • Parke County Vital Records, Census Records


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Death Records

Looking for death records?
                         You could use:

  • Parke County Cemeteries Records & Indexes
  • Parke County Obituary Index
  • Parke County Index to Veteran Burial Records


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Marriage Records

Wondering if your ancestor was married?
You could use:

  • Parke County Marriage Index
  • Parke County Newspaper Indexes
  • Parke County Family Histories

Other Resources

Microfilm Collections 

More than 300 microfilms are housed in our genealogy and research room, which includes:

  • Parke County Newspapers
  • Quaker meeting records for Rush Creek and Bloomingdale on Microfilm (marriages, births, deaths and meeting minutes)
  • Parke County vital records
  • Census records for Parke from 1830-1930
  • Census records from other Indiana Counties
Index Collection 

An index share where the location of various vital records are located to be used for vital records and research purposes. We have the following Index Collection at our library:

  • Index to Parke County Vital Records (corresponds to files on microfilm)
  • Parke County Cemeteries: records and indexes
  • Parke County Marriage Index
  • Parke County Obituary Index (up to 2020)
  • Parke County Index to Veteran Burial Records
  • Parke County Wills Index
  • Various Parke County Newspaper Indexes
  • Parke County DAR Collection of Revolutionary War
  • Veterans buried in Parke County
  • Indexes of Parke County Veterans
Local History Collection 

Find local family history records from right here in Parke County and history about the towns that were built!

  • Parke County Histories; Strouse, Beadle, Chapman Brothers, etc.
  • Town Histories Books: Rockville, Marshall, Montezuma, Rosedale, Portland Mills, Bridgeton
  • Parke Place Magazine Collection
  • Parke County Plat Books
  • Information on Parke County Covered Bridges, Wabash & Erie Canal, Church Histories, etc.
  • Collection of histories of surrounding counties; Vermillion, Fountain, Montgomery, Putnam, Clay, Vigo
  • Parke County Yearbooks: Primarily Rockville, but some Turkey Run, Rosedale, Montezuma, Tangier, Bellmore
Indiana Collection 

Dive into Parke County’s very own piece of Indiana State History with our Indiana Collection:

  • State History from Pioneer to Civil War
  • W.H.H. Terrell’s Report of the Adjutant General of the State of Indiana: Volumes Pertaining to Parke County
  • Indiana Author Collection
Parke County Family Histories 

Family has long been part of Parke County’s heart, and we have these histories to share:

  • Parke County Genealogies
  • Parke County Family Histories

Additional Resources: