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AncestryLibrary is a genealogy database that covers billions of records from census data to directories, and photos to family trees. 

A website homepage for Ancestry Library, featuring a search option, menu items, and a vintage photo of people.

AncestryLibrary gives you access to more than 9,000 databases and 200 billion images from the United States, the United Kingdom, Canada, Europe, and Australia. Once the records you need are located, you can email them to yourself in two easy steps!

A screenshot from Ancestry Library showing a California Marriage Index entry from 1954.

AncestryLibrary is a read-only database. While it has powerful search engines that help you pinpoint genealogical records, you’ll need a personal subscription to create and edit family trees, message or collaborate with other users, or access One World Tree.

A screenshot of a genealogy website search page, offering options to explore historical records and collections by location.

Finally, for general genealogical research questions, check out’s YouTube channel.

A YouTube channel page for "Ancestry" with video thumbnails, a subscription button, and various tab options.

AncestryLibrary can help you discover all the branches of your family tree. Try it today!

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