Evergreen Catalog

Search our catalog as well as 120 libraries within our consortium for materials you are looking for including books, games, audiobooks, movies and more!

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eBooks, Movies, Magazines, Comics, Music – Set up an account with Hoopla and attach your account to our library with your library card number.

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Libby by Overdrive

We offer OVERDRIVE which is free to the public with an current Parke County Public Library Card. With Overdrive you are able to use your Phone, Tablet or PC to read or listen to E-Books online.

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World Book Web

World Book Online is an engaging, verified, and trustworthy digital resource for grades pre-K through high school.

UN & PW: parkecoread

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National Geographic Kids

National Geographic Kids is a children’s magazine published by the National Geographic Society.

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Lifelong Learning Library for Hoosiers. Find journal articles, news, educational resources, and more!

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The largest online newspaper archive. 21,600+ newspapers from the 1700s–2000s and Millions of additional pages added every month.

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A to Z the USA

A database with 127 Feature articles for every US state and territory and 103 Feature articles for the USA as a country, along with video dictionaries to help you learn geography.

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A to Z World Travel

A database that lists the heritage, histories, foods and much more around the world.

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Microsoft Excel

Excel is a powerful spreadsheet and data processing application.


Microsoft Powerpoint

Powerpoint presentations are an excellent way to share information visually. If you have a work project or school project to share, then get started with Powerpoint today!


Microsoft Word

Microsoft Word is the leading software to use for word processing. If you need to write a report, type information to print out, or even make lists, this is the tool for you.


PDF (Portable Document Format)

If you need to save something as a PDF but are not sure where to get started or what a PDF is, use this tutorial!

Printing & Fax Services

We have printers available to use inside the library at 10 Cents for black and white pages and 25 cents for color pages.

There is NO limit on pages. You do NOT need a library card.

Talk to a librarian at the front desk and they will direct you to a printer.

You can even print from home or a mobile device and pick your print up at the library using the following steps:

  • Step 1: Email your print files to
  • Step 2: Within two minutes you will get an email reply with a 6 digit code
  • Step 3: Talk to the staff on site and tell them you’re there to print and you have a code
  • Step 4: Print!

Fax services are also available!

$1 for the first page and 25 Cents per page after that. Give us a call or ask our staff for help with how you can scan files to your email or to a flash drive.