Library History

The Parke County Public Library

The library originated with the Current Literature Club (History). At the meeting of the Current Literature Club of Rockville January 13, 1913 at the home of the president Mrs. Frank Stevenson a movement was started to supply Rockville with a public library (Historical).

According to the Indiana State Library law the following board was appointed: Judge Aikman appointed Mrs. C. L Sherrill, Mrs. E.S Brubeck, and Judge Howard Maxwell. The town appointed: Miss Nellie White and William Ferguson. The school board appointed: Rev W.B Chancellor and Miss Mary Kirkpatrick. Miss Kirkpatrick was elected president. William Ferguson, vice president and Miss Nellie White, secretary, at the first meeting of the board, Wednesday, April 30, 1913. The library service was extended to Adams Township and the township met all necessary legal requirements. L.B Humphries trustee, by virtue of his office, was added to the library board. Percy Seybold was appointed as the other township board (Historical).

Under the direction of Miss Kirkpatrick, the arduous task of raising the necessary funds for purchasing a suitable lot was undertaken, and in March, 1914, the property known as the Andrew Boardman livery barn was purchased for $2,500 (Historical). Carnegie Library building specifications were met by R.L. Brookie, Indianapolis architect, and James T. Boswell, Bloomingdale contractor, and the building completed at a cost of $12,500 with William E. Ferguson, chairman of building committee and George W. Rohm, superintendent of construction (Historical). The building was opened and dedicated January 15 and 16 1916. Miss Mary Linebarger was selected librarian and served until March 1919. She was succeeded by Miss Mary Lambert who served until August 1927 (History).