Board of Trustees

Mission: The mission of the Parke County Public Library is to provide quality resources and innovative services to stimulate creativity, intellectual curiosity, and to facilitate lifelong learning and research within the communities we serve. By providing these resources, we strive to inform the community and transform lives, every day.

Meeting time: Board meetings are held on the third Wednesday of every month at 3:30 PM. The public is invited to attend.
Please call (765) 569-5544 for more information.

Meeting place: Library Board Room, Parke County Public Library

Board Members / Appointed by / Term Ends

Board of Trustees:

Randell Kneeland (President)                     SWP/Clay School Board                 12.31.2021

Nellie Myers (Vice President)                      Parke County Commissioners       12.31.2020

Randy Wright (Secretary)                            Parke County Council                      5.31.2021

Lisa Wrightsman                                            Parke County Commissioners       10.31.2021

Linda Brunette                                                NCP School Board                           2.21.2023

Judy Brook                                                       Parke County Council                     12.31.2022

Roberta Hobbs                                                 NCP School Board                           12.31.2023

Sharon Harmon (Treasurer)