Board of Trustees

Mission: Our mission at the library is to offer the latest in resources, technology, and literature to better serve and prepare the people of our county and community for the twenty-first century.

Meeting time: Board meetings are held on the third Wednesday of every month at 3:30 PM. The public is invited to attend.
Please call (765) 569-5544 for more information.

Meeting place: Library Board Room, Parke County Public Library

Board Members / Appointed by / Term Ends

Patricia Lohrmann (President)                          NCP School Board                              12-31-2019

Randal Kneeland (Vice-President)                    SWP/Clay School Board                     12-31-2021

Randy Wright (Secretary)                                   County Coucil                                      05-31-2018

Nancy Witty                                                           Co. Commissioners                           10-31-2022

Linda Burnette                                                     NCP School Board                              01-31-2023

Nellie Myers                                                          Co. Commisioners                             12-31-2020

Judy Brook                                                            Co. Coucil                                             11-31-2021

Sharon Harmon (Treasurer)